UPS MINI 12 V (ZK-12V mini)

Accessory/MINI UPS

UPS MINI 12 V (ZK-12V mini)

12V and 5V Mini-UPS are used for 12V and 5V fingerprint sensor. Under the environment where the power is cut off suddenly, power discharge can be realized automatically to continue power supply for fingerprint sensor. UPS system can regulate discharge cut-off voltage automatically to avoid battery over discharging caused by fixed setting.

Product Details

  • Code: ZK-12V-UPS
  • Input: DC12V~2A
  • Output: DC7
  • Charge time: >=5H
  • Discharge time: 3.0±0.5 H
  • Category: Accessory
  • Sub category:MINI UPS
  • Brand: ZKTeco
  • Price: SAR 1080
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